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Our Mission

Inspiring students through interactive learning experiences, encouraging positive action, and promoting ecological sustainability through learning, Aboriginal Culture and partnerships.


Our Vision

Providing the most inspirational discovery learning experiences whilst empowering students to actively protect South Australia's iconic coastal and marine environments.

Discover MDC

The Marine Discovery Centre is proud and excited to announce its new range of completely new interactive models.
There are a range of innovative models to excite, entice and engage your students.
Our new 360 Virtual Reality goggles are a one of a kind here in South Australia. This experience will allow your students the opportunity to experience the depths of the SA Coast without getting wet.
For more details, make sure you view the video.

Children Viewing Aquariums at Marine Centre
Marine Discovery VR Goggles

Inspire - Educate - Showcase

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Virtual Reality Exploration

The immersive experience is engaging, and dramatically increases visitors understanding of our local temperate marine world. When you click on the videos below you can use the VR buttons for your own personal experience. Read about the VR project.

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